PCB to investigate Umar-Junaid spat

Akmal has found himself in hot water once again

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced that they will be setting up an inquiry committee to investigate Umar Akmal’s remarks about Junaid Khan’s availability for a Pakistan Cup match on Thursday.

Akmal, who was captaining Punjab in their match against Sindh, stated during the toss that Nasir Nawaz had replaced Junaid.

When asked why Junaid was not playing, Akmal said: “I just found out when I walked into the ground that he [Junaid] is absent. I’m very surprised. The manager and coach told me he’s not going to be playing today. It’s shocking news for me, as captain.”

Responding to Akmal’s comments from his hotel room, Junaid said: “I am saddened to hear the remarks Umar Akmal made on television, saying ‘I ran away from the team’. I have not run away.

“I am dealing with a case of food poisoning and the team management is aware of that. In fact, I was advised by the team doctor not to play today. Umar Akmal knew of this, and it was a shock for me to hear him say what he did, and I don’t know why he said it.”

Shafiq Ahmed, the PCB’s general manager (domestic), confirmed that the findings of the probe will be released “as early as possible”.

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