Bell: I still have ‘unfinished business’ with England

“My dream is to play again”

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Veteran England batsman Ian Bell has once again said that he is determined to make his international comeback as he has “unfinished business”.

Bell, who is currently playing for the Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash League (BBL), admitted that at one point, he had doubts about whether he wanted to continue playing international cricket.

But, after watching England’s tour of South Africa in December 2015-February 2016 from home, the 34-year-old acknowledged that he knew he wanted to prolong his career.

“For me personally, I had some major question marks over whether I wanted to carry on and do the travelling,” Bell told talkSPORT 2. “I then missed the tour to South Africa, I can honestly say that when I sat at home watching the boys out there I completely missed it.

“I knew from that day that there is still unfinished business. I’ve been lucky to have a long career but I knew then I answered the questions and I had a talk with Straussy myself and he gave me some really good advice.

“But I know for a fact now that I want to get home, I want score my runs, win games of Cricket for Warwickshire and like I said hopefully that is good enough to get me on a tour or get me back in the squad. But my dream is to play again.”

As for the ongoing speculation about Alastair Cook’s future as Test captain, Bell is confident that Cook will make the right decision.

Furthermore, should Cook opt to step down, Bell admitted that Joe Root is the best candidate to replace him.

“It’s going to be fully down to Cooky, if he believes he can take this team through the summer and to Australia and he’s got the energy levels and he’s got the desire to do that I think that’s good enough probably for Straussy and everyone to know,” he said. “If he has any doubts then knowing Cooky, he will make the right decision for the team, I think firstly and foremost that’s what he’ll do over himself.

“If he believes that he is the right man to win the next series in South Africa and beat Australia here then he will take that challenge on.

“I loved playing my cricket and my career with Cooky, his record as captain as a player speaks for itself so I’m sure he will make the right call. If he changes his mind and doesn’t want to take that team to Australia then Joe Root in my opinion is the right man to take over.”

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