ICC implement new helmet regulations

“Our number one priority is to have all batsmen wearing the safest helmets available”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

The International Cricket Council (ICC) have announced new helmet regulations for all men and women competing in international matches.

While the new regulations, which come into effect on February 1, do not specify that a helmet has to be worn, it does state that should a helmet be worn, it must be compliant with the new British Standard BS7928:2013.

BSS helmets have a narrower gap between the peak and grille and lessens the likelihood of a ball breaking through the opening.

All batsmen will be officially warned the first two times they fail to adhere to these stipulations. If it happens for a third time, they will be suspended for one match.

Speaking about the helmet rule, which is now part of the ICC Clothing and Equipment Regulations, the ICC’s general manager of cricket, Geoff Allardice, said: “Our number one priority is to have all batsmen wearing the safest helmets available rather than to see players sanctioned.

“It has been pleasing to see that the vast majority of international players have been wearing compliant helmets since January 1st, but some teams have requested more time to assist them in implementing the new regulation before the sanctioning process commences.

“As such, the extension was granted to enable all teams and players to comply, and after this time the regulations will be strictly enforced.”

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