Voices of Oman: The journey and dream of Sufyan Mehmood

When I started playing cricket at the age of 15, my aim was always to play for Oman as I’m a national of the country.

When I achieved my goal in 2006, my next aim was to represent Oman in a World Cup and on the world stage. It took a long time to achieve my second goal but it came to fruition thanks to the hard work the board, coaches and my team-mates put in to achieve it.

Oman’s maiden World Twenty20 birth were the golden days in my cricketing career, playing in front of the TV cameras and thousands of people was one hell of an experience. I would take no credit from my team-mates as they rose to the occasion and performed exceptionally, a prime example of which came when we beat Ireland, who are one of the top Associate nations.

Beating Ireland was an amazing feeling as is was our first appearance in the World Twenty20. Playing in that pressure situation, I think the boys did a fantastic job by playing smart cricket. To defeat Ireland, one of the top sides in the Associate world, was a great boast for cricket in Oman and was a brilliant pathway to create awareness that Associates have good cricketing standards.

The overall experience at the World Twenty20 was amazing as it taught us a lot. Most of all, it taught us how to fight till the end. Now that we have featured in the World Twenty20 , our aim would be to keep growing and working hard in order to appear in the next editions too. Our priority is also to ascent up the 50-over rankings, which will help us to appear in the 50-over World Cup. I’m sure if we keep working harder like this we will surely achieve that goal as well.

For all the achievements we have accomplished, I would like to thank the Oman Cricket Board for being there for us at all times and for the immense support they have given us.

Lastly, I would like to see more locals take up the game after our World Twent20 appearance. Oman cricket has been supporting locals throughout and now it’s up to us how we work harder and respond to their support.

Column by Sufyan Mehmood

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