Ajmal accused of fraud

Ajmal has denied the accusations against him

Ajmal has denied the accusations against him

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal has been accused of fraud and misuse of facilities by the administration of the University of Agriculture in his hometown of Faisalabad.

The administration have also demanded that he vacate the land given to him to build his cricket academy after he allegedly charged each student 15,000 Rupees to join his academy. As of now, it is understood that more than 350 students have signed up to join his academy.

“He has not given any details of the nearly 5.3 million rupees he collected from the students, he has tried to forcibly occupy the land we gave him for the academy and he is now refusing to vacate it,” an administration official said.

However, Ajmal insisted that the allegations against him are false and added that he met with administration and government officials to resolve the matter.

“I thought this matter was resolved on the intervention of the government last month and I held several meetings with the administration officials in the presence of the commissioner of Faisalabad.” Ajmal said. “We had agreed amicably to settle all issues and that they would allow me to continue operating my academy which I have built with my own resources so that I could repay everything I have earned from cricket.

“Now, apparently, they are making accusations against me, but I earned so much from cricket that I would never think about earning from this academy. If we did charge some nominal fees it was to cover the academy expenses including kits an equipment for its upkeep.

“From the time I faced problems with my action and I went out of the Pakistan team and was no longer a certain selection the varsity citied security reasons for wanting to wind up my academy. Now they are making baseless allegations against me although when I met them I assured them the academy would be run as per their requirements and regulations.”

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