Haddin to retire from ODI cricket

"I'm not playing another one-day game"

“I’m not playing another one-day game”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Australia wicketkeeper-batsman Brad Haddin has decided to retire from ODIs after tasting World Cup glory.

However, before Haddin walked away from the format forever, he revealed that he had told Australia to be extremely aggressive towards the New Zealand batsmen during the World Cup final.

“You know what? They deserved it,” he toldĀ Triple M. “They were that nice to us in New Zealand and we were that uncomfortable. I said in the team meeting: ‘I can’t stand for this anymore, we’re going at them as hard as we can.’

“It was that uncomfortable. All they were was that nice to us for seven days. I said, ‘I’m not playing cricket like this. If we get another crack at these guys in the final I’m letting everything [out].’ I’m not playing another one-day game, so they can suspend me for as long as they like.”

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