Ronchi excited to play against old Australian team-mates

"I've played with or against pretty much everyone in the Aussie team"

“I’ve played with or against pretty much everyone in the Aussie team”

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New Zealand wicketkeeper-batsman Luke Ronchi has announced that he is excited to play against his old Australian team-mates when the two sides meet on Saturday in Auckland.

“It’s the same thing now – I’ve played with or against pretty much everyone in the Aussie team and some of them I’ve roomed with at the academy and things like that,” Ronchi told Fairfax Media. “I know them well and to be playing against them – it’s a funny feeling but the whole situation is pretty cool. For me especially to be given another chance to play international cricket, and now I get to come up against them in a World Cup match, it’s great.

“The only one in their squad I haven’t really played with or against is Pat Cummins.”

Ronchi started his international career with Australia, but ended up moving to New Zealand since he lost his place in the national team to Brad Haddin.

“I just thought to myself, ‘If I stay then I might regret not having tried. I thought if I go and it works out, then fantastic, and if not, well, at least I’ve given it a crack’, Ronchi said. “I didn’t want to retire and think I really should have tried that. In the end I just thought, ‘Why not?’ My wife was keen to have a crack at it, too. And I certainly can’t complain with where I am at the moment.”

Ronchi also admitted that it was “pretty odd” when he played against Australia in the 2013 Champions Trophy.

“It was pretty odd,” he said. “I didn’t know what to expect. When I was keeping there was Adam Voges and Marsh batting together and I made my debut for Western Australia with Vogesy.”

However, Ronchi has confirmed that he will always see himself “as a Kiwi”.

“I see myself as a Kiwi. I’ve always felt that way anyway,” he said. “I guess being born here and always for so long I always copped a bit of crap for being from here and stuff. Deep down I’ve always felt this way.

“But don’t get me wrong – when I was in Oz I still wanted to play for Australia.”

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