Porterfield slams ICC’s decision to reduce number of teams in 2019 World Cup

"It wouldn't be a World Cup if you just keep reducing teams down to the top few teams that are ranked"

“It wouldn’t be a World Cup if you just keep reducing teams down to the top few teams that are ranked”

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Ireland captain William Porterfield has become the latest cricketer to slam the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) decision to reduce the number of teams from fourteen to ten in the 2019 World Cup.

Porterfield’s side has already created one upset during the ongoing World Cup as they chased down 305 when playing against the West Indies on February 15 in Nelson.

“It wouldn’t be a World Cup if you just keep reducing teams down to the top few teams that are ranked,” Porterfield said. “It’s frustrating whenever you come to tournaments and the governing body wants to keep cutting teams. Cricket is the only sport in the world that does that when it comes to world events. It’s very disappointing and frustrating from our point of view that that’s the way the ICC are viewing things.

“We have played nine ODIs against top-eight teams in the last four years. That is not a lot of cricket – about two games a year against top nations. That is not acceptable. It is not what developing the game is about. Hopefully if people get behind that then things can change and it’s not just a case of narrowing down the teams, it’s a case of expanding the game.”

When asked whether the World Cup is too long, Porterfield said: “You’ve got 52 weeks a year, four years in between, that’s a lot of weeks. You’ve got over 200 weeks, six or seven weeks is a pretty short tournament. Everyone’s got their own opinion on that, it’s a world event that happens once every four years.

“You’ve already got a Champions Trophy every couple of years, I don’t think it’s right if you’re looking to expand the game. Look at what happened with Sri Lanka, look where they are now. They won the competition less than 20 years after becoming Full Members.

“Hopefully we can keep putting in performances. Afghanistan probably could have come out on top against Sri Lanka and Scotland have done reasonably well, and the way the UAE played against Zimbabwe posting 285 things could have gone quite differently if it wasn’t for [Sean] Williams at the end.

“The way the four qualifying teams have performed has been great and we’ve got to keep that going, not only ourselves but everyone else. It’s great to see people have got behind that, it is a global event and a sport we want to grow. This is a sport we want to grow and if it’s going to grow you need to have more teams participating around the world.”

Meanwhile, United Arab Emirates batsman Khurram Khan wants to see his side playing Full Member nations on a more regular basis.

“Definitely I’d like to see us play many more matches against Test playing nations,” he said. “You cannot just expect us to come to a World Cup and do well without playing any other games against them before the World Cup. We have to have more opportunities playing against these teams.

“They are coming to our country to play cricket, we’d like to have some matches against them. Eighteen tours, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, whoever is visiting there, definitely we have to have more games for associates. It’s been a little harsh on Associates that you expect them to do well when suddenly after four years you give them six matches and you want them to beat everybody. It’s not going to happen.”

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