Gazi confident his modified action will be cleared

"This time, I personally felt that it [elbow extension] is around 5-6 degrees"

“This time, I personally felt that it [elbow extension] is around 5-6 degrees”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Bangladesh spinner Sohag Gazi has announced that he is confident his modified bowling action will be cleared after he recently underwent an official reassessment in Chennai.

Gazi was reported for a suspect action during the second ODI against the West Indies in August 2014 and was subsequently banned from bowling in October.

“I was a bit nervous at the start, but after I spoke to Ehsan sir and everyone else it became slightly easier,” he said. “One of those who were in Cardiff was also there in Chennai. It was a similar test, but I had to bowl fewer overs. They said everyone is bowling a bit side-on. I have been bowling with more comfort than before. I was bowling between 60 to 72 kph, which I thought was a good thing.

“I think I went up to 25 degrees previously. This time, I personally felt that it [elbow extension] is around 5-6 degrees, which is the minimum you need to spin the ball.¬†Everyone said that it looked like I have worked hard on my action. They were positive, so I felt hopeful. But they said similar stuff in the past and the result wasn’t great.”

When asked what the biggest change was when he worked on his action, Gazi said that he changed his delivery stride.

“If I had worked on my footing and landing [sooner], then I wouldn’t have fallen into these problems,” he said. “I would have gone with the World Cup team. I couldn’t fix it because I was too busy playing for the national team. Now I have the time, so I will work on it.”

Gazi now wants to regain his spot in the national team by playing in¬†Barisal Division’s National Cricket League match against Khulna.

“I will play the next NCL round, and then the Bangladesh Cricket League,” he said. “I think it will be helpful if I keep playing. I am waiting for the test results. I want to do well in the NCL, and try to play as hard as I did before getting I got into the national team.

“I don’t think there will be anything negative [about the results of the reworked action], but if it comes out like that, I wouldn’t have anything to do.”

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