Abbott’s name should not be mentioned when talking about Hughes’ death, says Moises Henriques

"We're trying to expel his name from the tragedy"

“We’re trying to expel his name from the tragedy”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

New South Wales captain Moises Henriques has called on the cricketing community to stop mentioning pace bowler Sean Abbott’s name when talking about Phillip Hughes’ death.

Henriques’ comments come after Abbott was named in New South Wales’ 12-man squad for their Sheffield Shield match against Queensland at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG).

“He’s coping pretty well,” Henriques told the Big Sports Breakfast radio programme. “I guess from our point of view as fellow players, we’re trying to expel his name from the tragedy a little bit, because in my opinion I don’t think he’s any more at fault than any other fast bowler who’s bowled a bouncer in his career.

“We’re actually trying to remove his name from everything that’s happened, and just treat him as another one of the players. I think that’s how he wants to be treated – another one of the guys who went through the same thing, has lost a friend and lost someone close to them.

“It frustrates me when he gets named a lot because it escalates guilt a little bit, as if he should be feeling guilt. I certainly don’t think he should be feeling guilt at all, and I guess that’s why we’d prefer just to call it ‘the bowler’, rather than ‘Sean’.”

South Australia batsman Tom Cooper, who was batting with Hughes when the tragedy occurred, stated that he cannot stop replaying how his house-mate became unconscious after being struck on the side of the neck.

“I keep replaying it,” Cooper said. “A few of the New South boys have said that as well, they keep replaying it over and over in their minds. That is one of the toughest bits.

“It’s a little bit weird because he has always been on tour, it is not un-normal for him to not be around. It hasn’t really hit home yet. I’m guessing it’s going to come and go in waves because we’re so used to him being away.”

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