Cricket Victoria back Junction Oval upgrade

The Junction Oval should be redeveloped prior to the start of the 2016-17 domestic season

The Junction Oval should be redeveloped prior to the start of the 2016-17 domestic season

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Cricket Victoria have voiced their support for the Junction Oval to be redeveloped in order for it to be used as a venue for first-class cricket by the time the 2016-17 season starts.

The move comes after Victorians elected a Labor state government and new premier Daniel Andrews on Saturday.

As part of his promise, Andrews vowed to spend $25 million to redevelop the Junction Oval and build a new Community Centre at the ground as well.

“The Junction Oval development will give us the capacity to compete with other major cricket states that have had dedicated homes for cricket for many years,” Cricket Victoria chairman Geoff Tamblyn said. “Our cricket community has been crying out for this level of support and the game at every level will now have a platform for future growth.

“We lead Australia in cricket participation and this funding will help to meet current and future demand, underpinning the continued success of cricket in this state. The provision of a second first-class ground in Victoria also frees up the MCG for use by AFL football in the opening rounds of each season, delivering a great result for cricket and football fans and an economic boost to the AFL, MCC and the state.

“The Cricket Victoria board has long maintained a position that the Junction Oval provides multiple solutions for cricket in this state. As well as satisfying the needs of cricket in Victoria, it ensures that the 159-year history of the St Kilda CC at the oval will continue long into the future.

“The new VCCC will serve the local St Kilda/Albert Park and wider community, with which we have been deeply engaged for many years. This development will positively impact cricket at all levels. It includes vastly improved facilities for women and dedicated capacity to support cricket for people of all backgrounds and all abilities. It also provides a training centre and accommodation for regional cricketers.”

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