Corruption has become rife in cricket, says Sir Richard Hadlee

"It's the greatest crisis of cricket at the moment"

“It’s the greatest crisis of cricket at the moment”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Legendary New Zealand pace bowler Sir Richard Hadlee has announced that drastic action must be taken against individuals who are indicted in spot-fixing and corruption scandals.

One solution Hadlee has to deter players from getting involved in the illegal trade is to implement harsher punishments, such as long prison sentences or larger suspensions.

“A very general comment on that would be that it’s the greatest crisis of cricket at the moment,” he said. “If this sort of thing is going on, it needs to be stamped out. And for people who have proved to be involved in these things, the penalties need to be severe as a deterrent.

“All the players actually have to sign a contract that if there’s anything suspicious or if they’ve had anyone approach them, they have to report it. And once it’s reported, things get investigated. People are going to jail, but penalties need to be severe, and if it’s jail or suspensions or whatever, then subject to each individual case, players are going to be made an example of.”

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