We need to give day-night Tests a chance, says VVS Laxman

"Day-night cricket is worth a shot"

“Day-night cricket is worth a shot”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Former India batsman VVS Laxman believes that the cricketing community have to give day-night Tests a chance since it could be the answer to saving the longest format of the game.

Laxman also noted that the number of people in attendance could skyrocket as a result of day-night Tests.

“Day-night Test cricket is being suggested, and while we are not sure whether it can meet technical requirements, it might draw newer audiences for its sheer novelty value. People could dash to a ground after a hard day’s work and unwind for a few hours,” Laxman said at the Pataudi Memorial Lecture in Kolkata on Wednesday. “Who knows, gradually their interest in Test cricket might be reignited, they might start coming to the grounds more regularly.

“So maybe day-night cricket is worth a shot, no doubt, especially when the shot doesn’t compromise the inherent core fabric of the longer version. Test matches during the day should remain the norm, but occasionally, five days of Test cricket under lights, especially in places of extreme heat and where dew is not a massive factor, will add an exciting dimension to the game.”

Meanwhile, despite being known as a Test specialist for most of his career, Laxman feels that Twenty20 cricket has had a positive impact on the sport.

“Twenty20 forces you to think differently, both as a batsman and as a captain,” he said. “It opens up new avenues of scoring and exploring different scoring options, and as we have seen, it has triggered bowling and fielding innovations that are, quite simply, mind-boggling and have gradually made their way into Test cricket too.

“There is no denial to the fact that the format adds excitement and entertainment value to our sport.”

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