Finch nearly burnt by boundary pyrotechnics

"It was a shock, I can tell you"

“It was a shock, I can tell you”

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Australia Twenty20 captain Aaron Finch got the shock of his life when he was nearly burnt by the boundary pyrotechnics during the national team’s seven-wicket loss to South Africa in the first Twenty20 International in Adelaide.

The incident occurred when Finch was collecting the ball at the boundary and the pyrotechnics went off just metres away from his face.

Finch initially approached the boundary very cautiously since he knew the pyrotechnics were due to go off, but once they didn’t, he proceeded to pick up the ball and was lucky not to be severely burnt.

“I sort of stood off, waiting for them to go off,” he said. And when they didn’t (I thought) they must have pulled the pin on them for that time – and then bang.

“It was a shock, I can tell you. I’m sure it could be quite dangerous. I think it might have been last year or the year before when Dave Hussey almost got his head blown off.

“Probably a bit more care has to be taken towards the players and anyone who is nearby.”

Cricket Australia have also apologised to Finch about the incident.

“We have apologised to Aaron for the incident last night,” a Cricket Australia spokesman said. “We have clear operating procedures in place for the use of pyrotechnics at matches. They include strict rules about safe operating distances with respect to players and fans.

“Clearly there was a breach of that last night which we take very seriously and have addressed with the contractor concerned.”

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