‘We were stuck inside our house’ during the floods, reveals Parvez Rasool

"It was a helpless situation for me and my family"

“It was a helpless situation for me and my family”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

India off-spinner Parvez Rasool has revealed how he and his family were “stuck inside” their house due to the devastating floods that have been sweeping through the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Rasool, whose house is located in Anantnag district, also noted that he has been without any proper communication for 10 days.

“For the last 11 days, I was literally cut off from society as none of the telephones or cell-phones were working,” Rasool told PTI. “It was a helpless situation for me and my family. We were staying on the first floor as the ground floor was filled with floodwater.

“The situation was terrible but it’s better in Anantnag right now. I am planning to come to Srinagar within next two days. I haven’t been able to contact my Jammu & Kashmir Ranji team-mates.

“In fact, a local NGO over here did tremendous work as they reached out to people with food, essential medicine and clothes. We also received help from the NGO as we were stuck inside our house.

“After watching them work for three to four days, I also joined the relief workers and did my bit in helping them. I am only 25, but people, who are of my grandfather’s age said they have not seen anything like this [flood] in their lifetime. There were times when we were taking water from the overhead tanks and boiling everything as there is a chance of infection.

“I only hope that by next week things change for the better as the people from the economically backward sections are the ones who have been suffering a lot. You feel pained watching their plight.”

Rasool is now hoping to start training as soon as possible since the Indian domestic season gets underway on November 7.

“It’s never happened that I have missed training for two weeks,” he said. “I have to get back to training.”

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