Pakistan’s batting department is brimming with talent, says Grant Flower

"It's just about fine-tuning and getting them to play with more consistency"

“It’s just about fine-tuning and getting them to play with more consistency”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan batting coach Grant Flower has announced that the country’s batting department is brimming with talent.

Flower added that his aim was to bring about a new approach and help the Pakistan batsmen score more consistently.

Flower also revealed that he decided to become Pakistan’s batting coach since he was intrigued by the country’s unique culture and customs.

“The challenge of being in a different place brought me here,” Flower said. “I have given a lot to Zimbabwe cricket but I think it’s time to move on, develop my own coaching career and evolve as person.

“I like to (bring a significant change) in Pakistan’s batting otherwise I would not have come here. We all know how talented the players are and I rate them high. But maybe sometimes they don’t get the most out of their talent and I am here to coach them.”

Flower also noted that he will spend time with each batsman and work on enhancing their game without damaging their natural skills.

“The team has a very good blend of experience with the senior batsmen and then there are some talented players coming through,” he said. “But obviously I will have to treat each individual differently and this is what I am learning. I do know some of the players and their constraints as well and the areas where I need to work on.

“One of the best things about Pakistan’s batting is their flair and I never want to take it out from any of them. So, maybe it’s just about fine-tuning and getting them to play with more consistency but I’ve still got to learn more about the players and their games.”

Flower also admitted that he felt under pressure to have an impact straight away since many former Pakistan cricketers are not too fond of foreign coaches.

“Definitely I’ve also got a lot of respect for the big names in the country as they have done so much for Pakistan cricket,” he said. “I will be lying if I say I won’t be under pressure but it’s part of the job which you get paid for and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

When asked what he thought about Javed Miandad’s views on cricketers not needing any form of coaching, Flower said: “Everyone has their opinions and the right to disagree but players are improving all the time. If you take players like [Mahela] Jayawardene, I am sure even they speak to the best players to know about their game. But it’s about fine turning at the top as a lot of players have been around for a long time. Either it’s a mental thing or even a tiny little technical thing – we all improve with time.”

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