From the mind of Myburgh: How will Holland regain their ODI Status?

"Watch out world, the Dutch are not finished yet"

“Watch out world, the Dutch are not finished yet”

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It was a shock to lose our ODI status for the first time in so many years. [It was] something that no one expected due to one bad game in New Zealand. So the only thing we can do now is to look forward to the future and figure out a way to regain our ODI status.

We will probably have the chance again in four years’ time. Our current coach Anton Roux has already started that process. He believes that we can win back our ODI status and he believes that we would be able to, not only qualify for tournaments, but also start winning some silverware.

The only way we would be able to accomplish such a thing is if all the players buy into what he believes. Losing the ODI status was massive for all players and therefore, we are training harder than ever. We have decided that we won’t just start training hard and focus on tournaments a month before they happen, but rather we would train hard every single day to become better players and to compete with the best in the world.

We are still realistic that to compete with the world’s best is still maybe out of our reach at the moment but there is no reason why we should not be able to compete with them in a few years’ time.

We just found out a week ago that we have been able to keep our Twenty20 International status which just gave us that little spark that we needed to believe for the future.

I have no doubt that the Dutch team will be back into ODI cricket when we get the chance to qualify again. [These are] a great bunch of guys with lots of skills, discipline and a will to be better.

Watch out world, the Dutch are not finished yet. At the T20 World cup, we showed that we should not be taken lightly and we are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Column by Stephan Myburgh

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