New selectors for Cricket Ireland

The increase in the number of national selectors will benefit Men's coach Phil Simmons and Women's coach Trent Johnston

The increase in the number of national selectors will benefit Men’s coach Phil Simmons and Women’s coach Trent Johnston

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Cricket Ireland have included Ian McGregor in their selection panel for the men’s team and Rob O’Connor and Chris Siddell to the women’s team selection panel.

“Ian has a wealth of knowledge of players in the north-west, helped by his coaching and playing commitments over the last 30 years,” Cricket Ireland performance director, Richard Holdsworth, said. “He is an excellent coach who is currently furthering his career with a BSc in Sports Coaching, and has been working as a Cricket Ireland assistant coach for the Ireland Under-19 programme.”

It was also announced that Nigel Pyne is set to become chairman of selectors for Ireland’s women’s team.

“Nigel has been a women’s selector for some years, heads up our Emerging Players Programme and from time to time assists head coach Trent Johnston with the senior women’s team,” Holdsworth said. “He has the right skill sets to lead the women’s selectors and ensure our talented players from all regions are being considered for international cricket.

“Rob O’Connor has been coaching girls and ladies’ teams for the last six years in Leinster and has an in-depth knowledge of the players and teams. He will be joined by Chris Siddell, who although relatively new to the Leinster area, has 10 years coaching experience, and is currently coaching two ladies teams locally.”

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