‘The arrogance of WICB is unbelievable’, says Guyana President

"They don't invest anything in cricket"

“They don’t invest anything in cricket”

Image courtesy of: Guyana Times

Guyana President Donald Ramotar has called the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) arrogant after they decided to move the third Test against New Zealand to Barbados.

The WICB moved the third Test after the Guyana government signed the Cricket Administration Bill, which gives them more control of cricket in the country.

“This is where I would lay the blame,” Ramotar said. “I will have a discussion with them and try to see if they could bring people together to find a solution. But they want us to drop some of the things in the bill that was passed and some other preconditions. The arrogance of WICB is unbelievable. Imagine they don’t invest anything in cricket.

“It’s totally untrue what is being peddled that government wants to interfere with cricket. We have enough problems on our hands than to want to get involved in cricket politics, we got bigger politics to deal with. I don’t know how this bill would have given government control of cricket as some of them are trying to make out.”

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