Bangladesh cannot continue to rely on their spinners, says Heath Streak

"We can't relax and expect for that to continue"

“We can’t relax and expect for that to continue”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Bangladesh bowling coach Heath Streak has announced that the national team cannot continue to rely on their spinners to keep taking wickets and win games for them.

Streak noted that his first assignment as bowling coach would be to “identify a group of eight or ten quick bowlers” and train them to become wicket-takers.

“I think it is dangerous to set specific targets as you might get it done quickly and become happy,” Streak said. “I would like to identify a group of eight or ten quick bowlers. We know spin bowling has been strong for Bangladesh. We can’t relax and expect for that to continue.

“I have to learn a lot about the bowlers. I have analysed these players as an opponent both as player and coach, but now I have to understand them as individuals and personalities. The mental side of the things is what I want to work on with the guys.”

However, Streak has called on the public to be patient as the process to train eight to ten pace bowlers is a long and arduous one.

“I know there are huge expectations, the India series is coming up soon,” Streak said. “But it doesn’t matter who you are, these things take time. Experience doesn’t happen overnight, you cannot go to a shopping mall and buy experience. Hopefully by the World Cup we can see some consistency among the bowlers.”

Streak also noted that he wants to instill some professionalism into the Bangladesh bowling attack.

“Firstly, I believe there are a couple of young guys coming through, so I am really keen to look at them,” he said. “Obviously getting them to become professionals, how they eat, train is a long term thing, so we need to start that now to develop these guys and see that they are physically good enough to cope with the international level. You see many youngsters whose bodies are not strong enough to cope with the international schedule, so that’s a key thing that we are going to have work with.

“You have to identify the future and identify them from a young age. It is the part of the challenge. I will work with the new coach and see where we can start to identify those bowlers for the future. We might have to convince the BCB to invest and put them abroad so that they can experience conditions there.”

Streak added that he and┬áChandika Hathurusingha, who was recently appointed as Bangladesh’s head coach, have to see eye to eye on everything in order to transform the country into a cricketing powerhouse.

“I have to make it work, I am under him,” he said. “I have got to make sure my coaching philosophies and his [Hathurusingha] are going to merge together. It is to our benefits at the end of the day. If teams don’t perform it’s us coaches who get judged.

“When he reaches here in a few days time I will certainly be spending time with him. Hopefully he and I will have a good understanding. It’s not just the players that need to be a good team, the coaching staff need to be unified. We have to give the same message to the players. It’s important for them to get one consistent message.”

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