‘We need to really look at ourselves in the mirror’, says JP Duminy

"On the whole we just didn't put it all together"

“On the whole we just didn’t put it all together”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Following a disappointing season with the Delhi Daredevils, South Africa all-rounder JeanPaul (JP) Duminy has announced that the team needs to take a good look at themselves “in the mirror”.

Delhi only won two out of the 14 games they played in the 2014 Imdian Premier League (IPL) season.

Duminy also noted that the Daredevils need to pinpoint their main flaws throughout the season and iron them out in order to bounce back next year.

“There are a lot of lessons to be learned,” Duminy said. “No doubt, one of our poor seasons in terms of brand of cricket. So as much we want to forget it, I think we need to really look at ourselves in the mirror, take responsibility, and see where we can improve as players and how we can represent Delhi a lot better in the coming season.”

When asked what exactly led to the Daredevils ending the season with nine consecutive defeats, Duminy said: “On the whole we just didn’t put it all together. When we batted well, we never bowled well and when we bowled well we didn’t bat well. At times, we let ourselves down in the field as well.

“Our skills needs to be improved dramatically if we want to compete in this tournament and that includes myself. You know, we can all improve in every area of our games.

“We are professional cricketers who take pride in our performance, not only as individuals but also as a team. Even though we all come from different countries, when you cross that rope you are playing for the badge that you are wearing. Very disappointing this season has been, but we need to take out lesson from it.”

However, one positive aspect that Duminy did dwell upon was Delhi’s team spirit.

“As a team we have connected well. Nobody has blamed each other for dismal performances,” he said. “Throughout the tournament, we stuck together as a team and encouraged each other each and every day. We are probably one of the few teams which is a completely fresh team, nobody was retained.

“Obviously there are a lot of different cultures within the group, so creating friendships and creating relationships between each other was obviously a plus.”

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