‘I’m obviously disappointed’ that my testimony to the ICC was leaked, says Brendon McCullum

"How the leak happened, I'm not sure but I have confidence in them"

“How the leak happened, I’m not sure but I have confidence in them”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum has admitted that he was “disappointed” when he found out that his testimony to the International Cricket Council (ICC) about match-fixing was leaked to the media.

McCullum’s statements to the ICC were published by the Daily Mail earlier this week and as a result, the global cricketing body placed an injunction on the newspaper.

McCullum told the ICC that he was approached by a former player during the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 and during New Zealand’s tour of England the very same year. He added that he was offered up to $180,000 to underperform in matches.

“I’m obviously disappointed about that but there’s nothing I can do about it,” McCullum said. “I can’t go into the specifics of what’s going into the investigation or my involvement in it…but I will continue to fulfil my role in the investigation. I guess from my point of view the dealings I’ve had with the group that I’ve dealt with, I have confidence. How the leak happened, I’m not sure but I have confidence in them.”

McCullum also noted that there was “still a long way to go” before corruption and match-fixing became virtually non-existent in cricket.

“There’s still a long way to go,” he said. “Obviously it had been a number of years and the next little while will probably be a bit tough but my role in the investigation is on-going.

“The sport of cricket is a great sport which we’re all very privileged to be involved in. Obviously there are a couple of circumstances that have tainted the game but the majority of people uphold the traditions of the game.”

McCullum also advised any other players that have been approached to report to the ICC immediately.

“There was no hesitancy in my faith in the ICC as such,” he said. “If one of the players found themselves in the same situation then I would certainly encourage them to go the same route I chose.”

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