I am not ‘Player X’, says Chris Cairns

"These allegations against me are a complete lie"

“These allegations against me are a complete lie”

Image courtesy of: The Evening Standard

Former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns has denied allegations that he is ‘Player X’ mentioned in the recent testimonies by both Lou Vincent and Brendon McCullum.

It was reported that Vincent and McCullum were approached by the same player, but Cairns was quick to dismiss rumours that he was the individual they were referring to, calling it “a complete lie”.

Vincent reportedly told the International Cricket Council (ICC) that he knew of 12 county matches that had been fixed and of numerous players involved in match-fixing.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail published snippets of McCullum’s testimony, which included the current New Zealand captain admitting that he had been approached during the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008 and New Zealand’s tour of England the very same year.

According to reports, McCullum even went on to tell the ICC that the player who approached him had been a “hero” of his.

“I am aware that Lou Vincent and Brendon McCullum have made a range of allegations against a cricketer dubbed Player X,” Cairns said. “It is well known that the ICC/ACSU has been investigating allegations of corruption and my name has been linked by others to these allegations. I am being asked whether I am Player X.

“Based on the limited information I have received during this investigation, I believe it is being alleged that I am that player. These allegations against me are a complete lie.”

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