Former NZC chief executive had bad feeling about corruption in ICL

"There was a general bad smell coming from that competition"

“There was a general bad smell coming from that competition”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Former New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief executive Justin Vaughan has revealed that he had a bad feeling about corruption being rife in the now defunct Indian Cricket League (ICL).

Vaughan’s comments come after ex-New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent brought to light the fact that he knew of at least 12 county matches that had been fixed and the names of numerous players involved in match-fixing.

Vaughan was NZC’s chief executive in 2007, which was when the ICL was launched, and he expressed his fears when many national cricketers signed up for the tournament, even though it put their international careers at risk.

Vincent was one of the players that played in the league and as a result, he never represented New Zealand again.

“There was a general bad smell coming from that competition,” Vaughan was quoted as saying in Sunday Star Times. “None of the players were contracted to New Zealand Cricket or actively playing for any of our domestic teams. It was a rebel league. It was unsanctioned. We felt that competition was totally in another orbit. It was ring fenced so it almost wasn’t our problem.

“I guess we always hoped that New Zealand players weren’t going to get caught up in wrongdoings that were going on in that competition but it was out of our mindset because we were dealing with the Black Caps and all the competitions they were playing in and all the ICC sanctioned competitions and they were quite separate.”

Vaughan also noted that he saddened by the amount of damage these allegations have had on the sport and added that he was shocked to learn that match-fixing has become rife in county cricket, according to Vincent’s revelations.

“Whenever one of your own gets involved in these activities, even if it wasn’t when he was representing New Zealand, it undoubtedly stains the reputation,” he said. “It’s unfortunate but it’s inevitable.

“I am very disappointed. It was no surprise perhaps that there was involvement in the ICL but it’s surprising to see that it was able to then spread into the likes of domestic cricket in England.”

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