Flower likely to become Pakistan’s batting coach

Flower has expressed his interest in becoming Pakistan's batting coach in the past

Flower has expressed his interest in becoming Pakistan’s batting coach in the past

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Former Zimbabwe opening batsman Grant Flower is likely to become Pakistan’s new batting coach, according to a source in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

It was also revealed that Richard Halsall is on track to replace Julien Fountain as the national team’s fielding coach.

“Zimbabwean batsman Grant Flower is a strong candidate for the batting coach position while Richard Halsall [is likely to become] the fielding coach,” the source told PTI. “The PCB has consulted with head coach Waqar [Younis] on both appointments and he has backed their credentials to work with the Pakistan team.

“While Grant Flower had applied in the past for the batting coach position, Halsall comes highly recommended as he is a specialist fielding coach and also a fitness trainer and has worked with the England team.”

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