Pattinson struggling with back problems once again

"I want to make sure we take our time and get it right"

“I want to make sure we take our time and get it right”

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Australia fast bowling coach Craig McDermott has revealed that pace bowler James Pattinson is struggling with back problems once again.

Pattinson has already suffered numerous stress fractures in the past and recently complained of “lower back soreness”.

“With Patto it’ll depend how he heals, first and foremost,” McDermott told ESPNcricinfo. “That’s got to improve from a clinical point of view before we get to the path we’ll go down with his technical side of it.

“The timeline on that hasn’t even been determined yet, so we’ll just see how he progresses over the next few months.

“I want to make sure we take our time and get it right. He’s obviously having some sort of trouble with his skeletal make up that’s not coping at his age. He’s almost at the age where you’d think he’s not going to get too many more problems, but everyone’s different. Patto does bowl fast, he’s not a 130kph bowler, so we’ve got to make sure we get him right and take our time to bring him back nice and slowly.”

McDermott also noted that Pattinson may have to play a lot of first-class cricket in order to start bowling a good line and length and at a comfortable rhythm as well.

“There’s been some discussion about bringing him back through club cricket and formats where he can settle into a rhythm,” McDermott said. “T20 cricket is always difficult to bring blokes back through, because they’re under the pump, bowling different balls all the time.

“It’s a yorker, then a slower-ball bouncer, then a good-length ball or a wide yorker. And if they’re getting whacked by the batsmen they’re not going to bowl at 80% and build things up gradually. It’s not in their make-up, and it’s certainly not in Patto’s make-up because he’s such a competitor.”‘

Meanwhile, McDermott also gave an update on pace bowler Ryan Harris, who recently underwent a surgical procedure on his knee.

McDermott stated that Harris is likely to be fit for Australia’s tour of the United Arab Emirates, where they will face Pakistan in October.

“He’s definitely touch and go for Dubai, we’ve just got to see how his knee goes over the next few months,” McDermott said. “You’ve got to start bowling workloads about six or eight weeks before that to get right for Test match level.

“We’ve just got to monitor him to see how his knee’s coping with his rehabilitation, and see if it’s possible to get him up for there.

“I don’t think there’s any point rushing Ryano either, we’ve got a lot of cricket with India, World Cup, West Indies and the Ashes, we’ve got to make sure he’s 100% when he comes back. If he’s fully fit he’s certainly someone who can quite easily play in the one day team. He’s got all the firepower, the variations and he’s very experienced. I’m sure if he’s fit he’ll be certainly looked at.”

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