Cook looking forward to building new legacy with Moores

"I've got on really well with Peter, not only the time where he was England coach but we did quite a lot of work on the Academy together before that"

“I’ve got on really well with Peter, not only the time where he was England coach but we did quite a lot of work on the Academy together before that”

Image courtesy of: The Evening Standard

England captain Alastair Cook has announced that he is looking forward to building a new legacy with head coach Peter Moores after the national team’s disastrous tour of Australia.

Cook is hoping that he and Moores have the same kind of success that he and Andy Flower had over the past 18 months.

“As a captain I seem to have got rid of two coaches and an MD, so not sure what has quite happened,” Cook said. “It’s been an amazing 18 months. I had Andy as the full-time coach, then Andy Flower and Ashley Giles as coaches and now Peter. Over 18 months that’s quite a lot to deal with.

“We have been in limbo the last couple of months, coming back from Australia, devastated with what happened, and you start to think about how to turn things around. You have a lot of ideas, talk to a lot of people but you can’t actually follow through until the head coach came in. When I found who it was, it was a weight off my shoulders. I can now pick up the phone and talk cricket.”

Cook also noted that he felt bad that Ashley Giles hadn’t been given a longer stint as head coach.

“The idea behind it was good, to keep Andy involved,” Cook added. “He couldn’t have carried on as he was. We won some good cricket – India and the Ashes – so it did work in that sense but it is very hard to manage that situation because, as Ashley would say, he probably found his hands were tied. It was quite a big change. It was an experiment worth trying, but if you can find a guy with the energy to do all three forms it’s a better way forward.

“Giles is a very good guy and was desperate to become England coach. Unfortunately you have to make tough decisions as the leader of any company and Paul [Downton] has made that tough decision. I don’t think you can say the players let Ashley down. We all got behind him, liked his methods, worked hard and enjoyed working under him. Peter has 16 years of coaching experience and has been successful and Paul thought it would be wrong to ignore that.

“I’ve got on really well with Peter, not only the time where he was England coach but we did quite a lot of work on the Academy together before that. I think he’s a really good coach, a brilliant coach in fact, and a really good person.”

Cook also stated that he will not be making any major changes to his captaincy style during England’s upcoming home series against Sri Lanka.

“That would be wrong because it’s not who I am,” he said. The crucial thing is making good decisions on the field and off the field, and creating a culture and an image of an England cricket team which I will be proud of.

“We got outplayed totally in Australia so to blame it just on my captaincy would be slightly wrong. But I certainly think I inherited a side from Straussy and Flower, and now it does seem a bit of a clean break with the new head coach. So, to me, it is the start of it.”

The England captain added that England will not be adopting the same playing style Australia have since they have a few key components missing, which include a pace bowler who can regularly hit 90 mph and a wicketkeeper who can score runs in quick fashion.

“I think there’s certainly a number of things they did very well as a side, and I think it would be wrong not to look at it and go ‘yeah, they got the whole country behind them’,” Cook said. “They did it to their strengths.

“So there’s no point us playing the way Australia played, because you need those kind of players to do it, and obviously Darren Lehmann and Michael Clarke had to be given a lot of credit for recognising the strengths of their side and playing to their strengths, and we’re going to have to look at our side and play to their strengths. I’m not going to bat like David Warner, no matter how many people want me to, that’s not going to work.”

Cook also spoke about the thrill of being a new father.

“Being a dad is the best thing you can do, it’s very exciting, it’s all new,” he said. “You look at her and think of the life she will have in front of her, you just don’t know, so you end up thinking more about her than yourself. But I also have a job to do which is one I’m very proud of and we have an opportunity now to try and start again and rebuild.”

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