Mark Waugh considering offer to join Australia’s selection panel

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

“I am keen to get involved as a selector but I am not sure about the timing at the moment”

Former Australia batsman Mark Waugh has revealed that he was approached by Cricket Australia to join the national selection panel as many of the other selectors are still unsure if they want to extend their contracts, which expire in June.

Waugh noted that he remains open to the idea of becoming an Australian selector, but is still troubled by the amount of travelling he will have to do.

“I am still speaking to them [CA],” Waugh told theCourier-Mail. “I am weighing up the commitment to time away from home and how it will affect my media commitments. I am keen to get involved as a selector but I am not sure about the timing at the moment. It is quite a big commitment.

“Every time the Australian team is overseas there has to be a selector there. Then you have commitments back in Australia, plus the Australia A side. You have to decide whether you want to juggle that and spend time away from home. I am definitely interested but I have not made up my mind yet.”

Current national selector John Inverarity recently stated that he is still on the fence about whether he will extend his contract.

“My contract when I joined in November 2011 was for up to the end of June this year,” Inverarity said. “In the coming weeks and months I will discuss with CA whether I will continue to play a role in the national selection panel, and that’s where it is. It’s yet to be finally decided.”

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