There is no such thing as a teesra, reveals Sunil Narine

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

“There is very little that bowlers can do, so they might just play mind games”

West Indies spinner Sunil Narine has revealed that there is no such delivery called the teesra, even though it is known to be Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal’s signature delivery.

Narine added that spin bowlers get wickets by playing “mind games” with the batsmen.

“It’s probably playing mind games with the batsmen,” he said. “Batsmen nowadays can do a lot of things as the game revolves around them. There is very little that bowlers can do, so they might just play mind games.”

“Bowlers are trying out something new everyday. But you might not know what might come out and what might not work.”

Narine also noted that he will try and keep everything as simple as possible while bowling during the World Twenty20.

“No surprises,” he said. “I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. What I have been doing for the last two to three years, I will be doing just that.”

Narine also credits the Indian Premier League (IPL) for helping boost his confidence.

“IPL has made a lot of difference,” he said. “It is a high level tournament and performing there and then coming into the big tournament makes it a bit easier.”

When asked about the West Indies’ chances of retaining their World Twenty20 title, the 25-year-old said: “Yes, we are certainly favourites having won the Cup in 2012. But it depends on who plays better on the day. We will definitely miss Pollard but guys who are in the squad are pretty capable. We should be doing well even without Pollard and retain World T20 trophy.”

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