Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and United Arab Emirates gain ODI status

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

The United Arab Emirates also qualified for the 2015 World Cup

Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and the United Arab Emirates have all gained ODI status for the next four years following their outstanding performance in the recently concluded International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup Qualifier in New Zealand.

With those three countries having been promoted, it means that Netherlands, Kenya and Canada have lost their ODI status.

Kenya finished fifth in the tournament, while Netherlands and Canada failed to get past the group stages.

“It is sad for Kenya cricket but there is nothing we can do about the situation,” Cricket Kenya said. “We have to wait for the team to come back on Sunday before deciding the way forward.”

Cricket Canada President Ravin Moorthy admitted that he was disappointed with the national team, but added that he hadn’t “heard definitively from ICC what the plan will be for the top 10 Associates/Affiliates other than the four that have gone on to the World Cup.

“No doubt our funding will take a hit, as well as a reduced playing program that will hamper our ability to continue to have a full-time men’s team. In terms of development, we still believe strongly in our programs and have been rewarded by further ICC investment in our grass-roots programs that will continue to deliver strong growth numbers in our sport in Canada. We are also buoyed by the fact that Canada continues to be an important commercial market for cricket and we will continue to expand that marketplace while we get our high performance program back on track.”

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