Swann apologises for ‘crass and thoughtless’ rape comment

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Swann’s comments were condemned by the public

England spinner Graeme Swann has apologised for the “crass and thoughtless” rape comment he made after his side lost the Ashes to Australia for the first time in five years.

Swann described England’s defeat in the Ashes to that of being raped, which led to a public outcry.

Swann’s posted the comment when replying to his brother’s Facebook status, which was about him attending a gig by Shed Seven.

Under his brother’s status update, Swann wrote: “Rather have been there than being a**e raped in Perth!”

Yvonne Traynor, who is the chief executive of Rape Crisis, condemned Swann’s remark and told The Telegraph: “We are appalled that Graeme Swann equates a cricket match with the devastatingly serious crime of rape. It is the duty of a people in the public eye to make sure that their own distorted views are kept to themselves and not shared with the general public. These comments lack compassion and intelligence and he should apologise to anyone who has suffered from this heinous crime.”

Swann later apologised for his remark via Twitter, saying: “Sorry to anyone who was offended by my comments in the papers today. Crass and thoughtless of me in the extreme.”

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