‘There’s something there for everyone’ at the WACA, says George Bailey

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“I think the fast bowlers get excited when they come here and the batters do as well”

Australia batsman George Bailey has announced that “there’s something there for everyone” at the WACA in Perth ahead of the third Ashes Test, which gets underway on December 13.

Bailey believes that left-arm pace bowler Mitchell Johnson will have a blast bowling there and even reminisced about how he scored 116 in a Sheffield Shield match two years ago in which Johnson picked up a five-wicket haul.

“I’d be lying if I said it was much fun, that’s for sure,” Bailey said when recalling what it was like to face Johnson at the WACA. “It’s a challenge. When you come to the WACA, you know you’re going to get fast, bouncy wickets and you know you’ve got to deal with that as a batter. But I think it’s a great place to bat, I think the fast bowlers get excited when they come here and the batters do as well .There’s something there for everyone and if you can invest a little bit of time as a batsman there’s plenty of runs to be had.”

Speaking about his attacking approach towards the England spinners in the first two Tests, Bailey stated that he was simply playing his natural game and not trying to do anything out of his comfort zone.

“No, no plan at all,” he said when asked if he had planned to attack the England spinners. “I guess you can only score off what you happen to be facing.

“There’s no real plan. I certainly think that at my age I’m only going to get one crack at a Test career, so one of the things I’m trying to be really conscious of is doing it my way, so that when it does come to an end you don’t look back and feel like there are any regrets, or wish you’d played a different way.”

Bailey also admitted to being extremely disappointed at not having converted his score of 53 into something bigger during the second Test in Adelaide.

“It was a bit frustrating, really,” he said. “It was a beautiful batting wicket and Michael [Clarke] and I had sort of wrestled the momentum back, so for me to get out late in the day left the innings in a bit of a precarious position. Pup and Hadds had a wonderful partnership to get us flying into day two, but certainly for me, my scores are going up so hopefully that continues.”

With Australia only needing one more win to regain the Ashes, Bailey clearly stated that the team will not get ahead of themselves during the third Test.

“It’s very much been drilled into us that we have won two Tests in 12 months,” he said. “Whilst the cricket that we’re playing at the moment is very pleasing, it’s about being able to replicate that, no matter the conditions and no matter the ground.”

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