‘India was a lesson for us’, says Darren Sammy

Image courtesy of: The Indian Express

“Now we are playing a team where we are evenly matched”

West Indies captain Darren Sammy has admitted that the 2-0 whitewashing his team suffered at the hands of India proved to be a real eye-opener and was also just the type of wake-up call they needed.

Following their series against India, the West Indies embarked on a 30-hour journey to Dunedin, which took them through Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney and Christchurch.

Sammy is hoping the West Indies can avenge their loss in India by defeating New Zealand in their own backyard, but he acknowledged that it is a lot easier said than done.

“One minute you are in India in the hot, sunny atmosphere and the next you are in Dunedin where the breeze can blow you off your feet,” Sammy said.

Sammy also conceded that it will be tough for the national team to adapt to the drastic change in conditions so rapidly.

“The quick turnaround from India, getting used to the conditions and adapting as quickly as possible will pose a challenge,” Sammy said. “India was a lesson for us, to show us where we are compared to the top teams in the world. Now we are playing a team where we are evenly matched. They will know conditions very well and for around three-quarters of our squad it’s their first time here.”

The West Indian captain added that the tour of New Zealand will be much more relaxed than their trip to India since they will not constantly be the centre of attention in the media.

“It’s a new environment,” Sammy added. “India is cricket crazy and it was all about Sachin – the media was all crazy, but here the guys can relax with not so many cameras in their faces all the time and we can focus more on the game.”

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