Smith calls for an end to two-Test series

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“When it is at least a three-Test series, it has a little more definition in your own mind”

South Africa captain Graeme Smith has called on Cricket South Africa to end two-Test series as he believes they are pointless and don’t allow a team to register a come-from-behind win if they lose the first match.

“When it is at least a three-Test series, it has a little more definition in your own mind,” Smith told Sport 24. “Ultimately it is up to the ICC, as the main stakeholders, to lead the game forward. As players, we are totally reliant on them. We have no decision-making in these things and we would love to see them putting the game in good light, leading us forward into a good space.”

Smith was also critical of South Africa’s recent tour of the United Arab Emirates, where they played a two-Test series against Pakistan, which ended as a 1-1 draw.

“I don’t really know why we come here and only play two Tests, its neither here nor there,” he said. “We would like a longer series but obviously we are not in control of that.”

Smith added that many people across the globe want to watch their home countries compete against South Africa since they are the number one Test team in the world.

“I can’t see how, as the No 1-ranked side, the world wouldn’t want to see us playing as much as possible, and we want to be involved in big series,” Smith said. “That’s how we got to No 1: beating England in England and Australia in Australia. Those are the type of series we seem to thrive on. The more of those, the better for us.”

South Africa had to endure an eight-month break from their last Test series against Pakistan in February to their most recent one in October and Smith stated that he was starting to get sick and tired of these immense gaps.

“It is certainly hugely challenging,” he said. “It was one of my worries going to Abu Dhabi after some six months away (from the format).

“It’s hard to recreate in such a short period of time; you could see the huge difference in us from the first Test against Pakistan to the second, performance-wise and, even slightly, in terms of attitude and commitment to our skills.

“Hopefully CSA in particular can [address the situation]. I do understand that in World Cup lead-up periods it’s always tough; the World Cup will take up quite a large space in 2015. But CSA also has a massive asset in the Test team, and hopefully we’ll be back playing more, rather than not playing (enough).”

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