Warner crossed the line by calling Trott ‘weak’, says Bob Willis

Image courtesy of: The Independent

“Cricket has a nasty habit of biting you back once you open your big mouth”

Former England pace bowler Bob Willis has announced that Australia opening batsman David Warner crossed the line by calling Jonathan Trott “weak”.

Willis added that Warner better be careful what he says since “cricket has a nasty habit of biting you back once you open your big mouth”.

“I don’t think he should be saying that at a press conference,” Willis told Sky Sports. “Sure, it was a very poor performance by Jonathan Trott, who looked like a rabbit in the headlights, but but I don’t think you want a fellow player criticising the opposition.

“You can say he made a mistake in technique but to call him weak is taking it a little bit too far. Cricket has a nasty habit of biting you back once you open your big mouth.”

Former Australia seamer Jason Gillespie also hinted that Warner may have gone overboard with his criticism of Trott.

“David was just highlighting that the Australians have found a weakness in Trott’s game and they are exploiting it,” Gillespie said. “Whether he actually meant to come out and say he was poor and weak I don’t know.

“What can Trott do? I am sure he is working incredibly hard with the coaches and it’s been talked about a lot how hard he is working to address some of these issues.

“Mitchell Johnson has got his skills right and put him under pressure. Everyone knows they have exposed a flaw in his game but he has an amazing record in Test cricket and this has only recently crept into his game.”

Willis added that England should consider dropping Trott for the second Test in Adelaide if he continues to struggle against short-pitched bowling.

“If I was in charge of the England management, I would organise an open wicket practice where the bowlers go round the wicket to Trott,” he said. “Not in a net environment because no-one likes facing short-pitched bowling in a closed environment.

“Even come through the crease to try and replicate Johnson’s pace. Trott’s got to either drop his hands and be prepared to get hit, or get underneath the ball.

“Playing the ball up in the air is just gifting his wicket away. If he can’t sort something out in the interim I would leave him out of the side because he is a sitting duck at the moment.

“Adelaide is a drop-in pitch so we don’t know what that is going to be like. It will be flatter than Brisbane and should be good for batting, but England are going to go 1-0 down here and they need to bounce back there.

“Perth is a bigger graveyard than even Brisbane for England – they never win Test matches there. The curator will be told to make the pitch as quick as he can. I don’t think we’ll see a repeat of the warm-up match there when the pitch was slow.

“But England are resilient and we don’t want to write off their chances yet. They always start series slowly, they did it in India and bounced back against the then No 1 side in the world.

“They have an experienced outfit but they have a problem with Trott and Alastair Cook not getting runs. They are the cement in the England side and if Australia keep on their case the visitors have a serious problem.”

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