Real-time Snicko and Hot Spot set to be used during Ashes series

Image courtesy of: The Guardian

“My opinion is that if the technology isn’t perfect, it shouldn’t be used at all”

After weeks of deliberation, the Real-time Snicko and Hot Spot technology is set to be used during the upcoming Ashes series, which gets underway on November 21 in Brisbane.

In October, Channel Nine seemed adamant on dropping the Hot Spot technology after it was responsible for a number of blunders during the last Ashes series.

However, Channel Nine’s executive producer of cricket, Brad McNamara, has confirmed that both Real-time Snicko and Hot Spot will be used after a deal was reached with BBG Sports, who provide the technologies.

Cricket Australia and the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have both agreed on using the technologies as well.

“Real-time Snicko will be part of the DRS. Both teams’ boards have agreed to do it,” McNamara told the Sydney Morning Herald. “We had a difficult negotiation [with BBG Sports] but thankfully we’ve come together. We’re thrilled to have Hot Spot continue as part of the coverage.

“We’re all about the best technology in the world. We feel that is amongst it and are looking forward to adding to that with the Real-time Snicko, which we think will add to the viewers’ experience and also hopefully help in the decision-making process for umpires. It will change the DRS. Hopefully you won’t get the mistakes.”

Australia captain Michael Clarke was extremely critical of the Hot Spot technology in his book, The Ashes Diary, as it failed to detect a number of edges during the last Ashes series, which England won 3-0.

“My opinion is that if the technology isn’t perfect, it shouldn’t be used at all,” Clarke wrote. “The inventor and owner of Hot Spot [Warren Brennan] came out and admitted it doesn’t pick up all nicks. Ok, that’s fine: Hot Spot should not be used until it is more reliable. Once the technology has been tested and is shown to be correct, then the ICC should rule that every team has to use it. We should have the same rule for everyone.”

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