I’d rather be fired than change my ‘extremely positive’ captaincy style, says Michael Clarke

Image courtesy of: Reuters

“If Cricket Australia want me to be captain, that’s the way I’ll play”

Australia captain Michael Clarke has revealed that he would rather be fired than change his “extremely positive” captaincy style since “this is the way I’ve been brought up to play”.

Clarke will be looking for retribution in the upcoming Ashes series against arch-rivals England, who thrashed Australia 3-0 in their last meeting.

England are also on a mission to beat Australia again in order to register their fourth Ashes win in a row, a feat which they have not accomplished since the 1890s, while Clarke will be looking to do his country proud by curbing England’s quest and regaining the coveted urn.

“I hope not because if that’s the case, they’ve got the wrong man as captain,” Clarke said when asked if he would be willing to change his captaincy style. “I don’t have that negativity in me – it’s about trying to win games of cricket.

“I understand there are times and places to put fielders on the boundary and be a little defensive throughout the game but that doesn’t mean my mindset changes.

“I will be trying to win as many games as possible and sometimes you risk losing. The only way I know how to do it is to be extremely positive.”

Clarke was speaking at a launch for his new book, The Ashes Diary, in which he further explains why he cannot take a more negative approach towards his captaincy.

“This is the way I’ve been brought up to play,” he wrote. “You risk losing in order to win. It’s the Australian way, we draw or lose only when we can’t win.

“If Cricket Australia want me to be captain, that’s the way I’ll play. If I’m not the right man, I’ll accept that.”

Clarke added that England will find it much tougher to defeat Australia this time round as the national team have become more unified after all the controversies they have been involved in over the past couple of months.

“I think the strength and character of the team shone through during that series and everything that went on off the field brought us all a lot closer together,” Clarke said. “I really believe the work we put in in the UK will stand us in good stead and we’ll get some rewards this summer .

“I think the team is in a fantastic place and the feeling in the group is outstanding. We’re all heading in the same direction and the senior players deserve a lot of credit for that.”

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