‘I would have gone a year earlier but that’s the way Sachin Tendulkar is’, says Sourav Ganguly

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“He has nothing to prove to anyone”

Former India captain Sourav Ganguly has revealed that if he were Sachin Tendulkar, he would have “gone a year earlier” since the ‘Little Master’ has failed to muster any magical innings since scoring his 100th hundred against Bangladesh in March 2012.

Tendulkar’s last Test century came against South Africa in Cape Town in January 2011.

“[The] Last two-three years haven’t been good for him and only because he is Sachin Tendulkar, he has been given the run for three years,” Ganguly told NDTV. “Nobody in world cricket or Indian cricket would have got that rope.

“You have got to accept that at some stage you have to go. Another six months in Test cricket it would not have helped Tendulkar. He has taken the right decision and for me, he has been a champion because I have seen him so closely from age of 14 years and I have seen the man grow. He is going out on a high and playing at home because if it was in South Africa he wouldn’t have got half the adulation he has got here. He deserves every bit of the adulation…it’s the right send off. If I was in his place I would have gone a year earlier but that’s the way Sachin Tendulkar is.”

Legendary West Indies batsman Brian Lara noted that Tendulkar will “feel a gap in his life” after playing his 200th and final Test match against the West Indies in his hometown of Mumbai.

“He will immediately feel a gap in his life,” Lara said. “When you have spent a majority of your life playing cricket and following a dream, you wonder what to do after it all ends. But Sachin is a successful man, he will quickly get back on his feet.”

Ganguly reiterated Lara’s point, saying: “Sachin’s got so much to contribute to Indian cricket and world cricket that he will find his way.”

Ganguly also admitted that Tendulkar hasn’t lived up to expectations since he scored his last Test century in January 2011.

“Sachin can still get runs with experience but the frequency between the big scores has reduced,” he said. “This happens with age as a cricketer’s reflexes become slower.

“Once Sachin sits down after the Mumbai Test to reflect, he’ll know he has done proud, there is nothing that he hasn’t achieved and he is a champion!”

Lara added: “He has nothing to prove to anyone.”

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