England say goodbye to the days of pizzas, burgers and pints

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

The 82-page cookbook includes a list of 194 dishes and drinks

England have said goodbye to the days of pizzas, burgers and refreshing pints of beer and welcomed more healthier alternatives, according to their 82-page cookbook, which was leaked to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The cookbook, which was compiled by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and their performance nutritionist Chris Rosimus, includes a list of 194 dishes and drinks, with high-class ingredients such as kale and quinoa, along with instructions on how these meals should be prepared.

Some of the dishes listed in the document were a mouth-watering mungbean curry, piri-piri breaded tofu with tomato salsa and Moroccan spiced griddled chicken fillets.

While the document is likely to be viewed in a more comical light by the public, the ECB don’t believe there is anything to laugh about as they are willing to take every necessary step to ensure the national team walk out of Australia with the coveted Ashes urn for the fourth time in a row, a feat which they have not accomplished since the 1890s.

Rosimus is also taking this extremely seriously, and said: “The quantities must be followed, along with the ingredients listings. For any meat used in sandwich fillings please do not use processed meats, only freshly cooked meats will suffice. All fish must be filleted and contain no bones. Please only use low fat mayonnaise and yoghurts.”

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