Hot Spot set for Ashes return?

Image courtesy of: The Guardian

Usman Khawaja’s dismissal during the recent Ashes series stirred up a lot of controversy about the DRS

Weeks after it was confirmed that the Hot Spot technology would not be used during the upcoming Ashes series, recent rumours and speculation have suggested that it could possibly make a comeback.

There is also talk that a new and enhanced version of the Decision Review System (DRS), which will include the Real Time Snicko technology, may be used during the historic series as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that negotiations between Cricket Australia and Hot Spot inventor Warren Brennan had restarted.

The Hot Spot technology was initially dropped due to the fact that it was responsible for a number of controversial decisions during the last Ashes series, which England won 3-0.

Earlier this year, Brennan noted that the Real Time Snicko technology would allow the audio and video to align perfectly with each other, which makes it easier to tell whether a batsman had edged the ball or not.

“I am hopeful that it would improve fine-edge detection dramatically,” Brennan had said. “On most occasions, you are going to have the Real Time Snicko and Hot Spot agreeing with another. So the third umpire will now have two points of reference. There can be more consistency that way.”

According to sources, both the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Australia are open to the idea of using the upgraded version of the DRS during the Ashes series.

Despite the numerous controversies it has caused, England bowling coach David Saker remains convinced that the technology is an asset to the game.

“Obviously over the English summer, a few things went a little wrong with it,” Saker said. “But the majority of the time, they’ve got more decisions right than wrong – so I’m a big supporter of it.

“I think if we can get as many correct decisions as possible, it’s better for the game – not just for England. The decision obviously will be made by Cricket Australia, but I’d definitely welcome it for sure.”

England vice-captain and wicketkeeper Matt Prior also voiced his support for the DRS, saying: “I’m a fan of the review system and technology. At the end of the day there is a huge amount on each decision and you have to get the right decision,” he said shortly before the tour started. “If Hot Spot is inaccurate it cannot be used and we have to find another way of getting to the right decision. As long as the right decision is made, that is all the players want.”

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