‘I don’t see myself as a reserve’, says Michael Carberry

Image courtesy of: The Mirror

“I’ve come out here with the mentality to play”

England batsman Michael Carberry has announced that he is determined to play in the Ashes this year and added that he did not come all this way to sit on the sidelines.

Carberry, who scored 78 in England’s three-day warm-up match against Western Australia, admitted that he would not mind batting at number six if it meant that he could play in the first Test against Australia in Brisbane.

“I don’t see myself as a reserve anything,” Carberry said. “I’ve come out here with the mentality to play and if it is not to be then good luck to the guys who play, but all I can do is knock on the door.

“I figure I’m here because I’m a good player so it is down to me to go out and show that and hopefully there were some glimpses out there.

“I’d like to think I could bat at six. Across my career I’ve played in a few strong batting line-ups and as a young pro I’ve had to slot in where there is a space.

“I’ve made first class 100s batting at five and six so I don’t see that being a hindrance when you’ve got the likes of Pietersen going in before you.”

Carberry also revealed that he had to put his side job as an electrician on hold since he was in the Land Down Under.

However, he also noted that his boss doesn’t mind since he is representing the country in one of the most historic series.

“I’ve put the electrical work on hold,” Carberry said. “But I’m sure my foreman is more than happy I’m here at the Ashes. I spent last winter as an electrician and that gives you a full appreciation of playing cricket.”

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