Using two new balls ‘is a ridiculous rule’, says Shaun Tait

Image courtesy of: The Telegraph

“It would just be nice to see the old rule being brought back so that we get to see more reverse swing”

Former Australia pace bowler Shaun Tait has announced that the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) rule of using two new balls from both ends is utterly “ridiculous”. 

“I think it is a ridiculous rule to be honest,” Tait said. “It takes reverse swing out of the game. The bowlers usually have reverse swing skills. I am sure someone like Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowls great reverse swing but we don’t get a chance to see it because there is two new balls.

“The ball doesn’t have enough time to scuff up and also the ball stays harder throughout the match so it is easier to hit the ball out of the ground later on. Back when we had one ball, it was lot softer and became harder for batsmen to get more power off the bat. It would just be nice to see the old rule being brought back so that we get to see more reverse swing, especially in the sub-continent.”

Tait noted that he was not in favour of using the Decision Review System (DRS) either as it seems even more wrong decisions are being made. 

“I don’t support it really,” he said. “Only from watching it on TV, it is frustrating. The game stops and even the DRS is wrong. The umpire gets it wrong and they go to a person who is pushing the button and they are getting it wrong as well. That is ridiculous.”

Speaking about the ongoing limited overs series between India and Australia, Tait said: “It has been good to watch so far. Some good games, lots of runs being scored obviously. The teams are playing like number 1 and 2, which is how it should be played.

“India is number one team in the world. I would say watching them, India  have the best batting line up in the world, for sure. Australia have got tough three matches to go. They are currently leading the series (2-1) which is nice to see.”

The 30-year-old added that both teams need to bowl more yorkers in the death overs. 

“I suppose there is more [of a] challenge at the death,” he said. “The last 10 overs, my thinking would be to bowl more yorkers.  On any wicket, whether it’s a flat wicket or not, or however small the boundaries are, yorkers are yorkers. It is a very hard delivery to hit out of the ground.”

Tait was also quick to disagree with former Australia captain Ian Chappell’s views about the ongoing series being a waste of time. 

“I don’t see any problem with that,” Tait said. “Any time you want to see India play against Australia is a good thing. It has become a good rivalry over the time. Everyone can’t just focus all their energy on Ashes. There is lot of other cricket that happens around the world as well. I am sure the players have enjoyed this series.”

Tait also admitted that Australia would experience a “tough” time during the upcoming Ashes series.

“It will be tough again,” he said. “England are a great team. We have got the opportunity to play on home soil, which will make it a bit tougher for England.” 

The former pace bowler also praised all-rounder James Faulkner for his impressive performances with both the bat and ball against India. 

“James is a young guy still,” Tait said. “He has got plenty of time. Looks like he is going to be Australia’s number one all-rounder for a long time.”


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