Botha’s bowling action deemed legal

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Botha’s bowling action has been cited in the past

Former South Africa spinner and current South Australia captain Johan Botha has been cleared of having an illegal bowling action after it was deemed legal by Cricket Australia.

Botha was reported for a suspicious action during a Ryobi Cup match in early October, but was cleared after having undergone biomechanical analysis.

The examination, which was conducted under Cricket Australia and the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) regulations, saw Botha bowl six different deliveries, which included an offspinner, a quicker ball and a flicker.

The results found that all of his deliveries fell within the 15 degrees of flex that is allowed by the ICC.

Umpires Simon Fry, Michael Graeme-Smith and Geoff Joshua all reported their suspicions of Botha’s action during South Australia’s Ryobi Cup match against Victoria in Sydney on October 4.

Botha has been cited before as he was reported for having an illegal action after his debut Test in January 2006, upon where the International Cricket Council (ICC) subsequently banned him from bowling.

A re-examination in August that year found his action to be illegal once again and he was only cleared to bowl in November.

In 2009, following an ODI against Australia in Port Elizabeth, Botha’s action was cited once again and the ICC banned him from bowling doosras.

Victoria batsman, Cameron White, who faced Botha during the match on October 4, stated that he believed the former South African spinner had not bowled any doosras throughout his entire spell.

“That [the doosra] might have been one of his problem deliveries in the past,” White said. “But to be honest he didn’t bowl a doosra as such to me the other day when I was batting.”

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