Players voice concerns to Cricket Australia

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“It’s the first step in what’s going to be a pretty extensive process”

More than a hundred Australian players have voiced their concerns to Cricket Australia about ways to cease the declining level of competitive cricket in the country.

The Australian Cricketers Association recently published a draft of a report which highlights the areas in major need of improvement.

These areas range from scheduling and injury management to club cricket and the pathway to earning a spot in the national team.

The Australian Cricketers Association will now look over the report and add any other critiques and suggestions they may have before chief executive Paul Marsh submits it to Cricket Australia in December.

One of the major changes likely to be proposed is to cut down the Big Bash League (BBL) and perhaps even allow it to have its own window.

“It was the first consultation step around the state of the game report, we’ve spent a number of months putting together a draft report that deals with what we think are issues in the game we’re concerned about and how we think we can resolve those issues,” Marsh said. “It’s the first step in what’s going to be a pretty extensive process.

“There were no recommendations the players kicked back on, there were some additional recommendations they made for us to consider, which was fantastic. But it was overall a very positive meeting and most of the meetings we have with the players are.”

One of the recommendations from the Don Argus report, which was compiled by a committee that includes former Test captains Allan Border, Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh, has still yet to be completed.

That recommendation surrounds the preparation of Sheffield Shield pitches, which has been heavily criticised by numerous players lately as they believe the conditions are perfect for pace bowlers, while spinners and batsmen have to fend for themselves.

Some goals in the report were coloured yellow, meaning that results are still pending, and they include “ensure we have the right people in key roles”, “improve the Australian team’s skills”, “increase the strength of our supporting competitions” and “improve injury management”.

When asked what he thought some of the major problems were, Marsh said: “We think there are some genuine problems with the pathway at the moment that need to be looked at. That’s obviously a significant part of this report.”

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