‘Hot Spot just creates confusion’, admits Andrew Strauss

Image courtesy of: Star Sports

“Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t, so no-one really trusts it”

Former England captain Andrew Strauss believes Channel Nine made the right decision in ditching the Hot Spot technology for the upcoming Ashes series in Australia as it “creates confusion” and is “not 100% conclusive”.

Strauss added that umpires should be able to give a “definitive answer” with all the technology available at their fingertips.

“Hot Spot just creates confusion,” Strauss told BBC Radio 5 Live. “Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t, so no-one really trusts it.

“Hot Spot is not 100% conclusive. If you’re going to use technology, you want to make sure that it’s giving you a definitive answer, one way or the other.”

Hot Spot inventor Warren Brennan respected Strauss’ observations, but noted that every piece of modern technology has its pros and cons.

“I can see why he says that,” Brennan told BBC Sport. “There were three to six decisions that people felt were wrong and the Snickometer suggested those decisions were wrong.

“People may have lost faith in Hot Spot but there were more than 10 good Hot Spot decisions in the series as well. The umpire gave [them] out and Hot Spot overturned [them].

“There is good and bad but people do tend to suggest things should be 100%. Conversely they seem to spend more time worrying about things that go wrong than what goes right.”

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