Our batting line-up needs ‘clarity’, says David Warner

Image courtesy of: The Telegraph

“It’s a word that’s been popping up the last 12 months with us in the Australian team, and I think now they’ve found the right combination”

Australia opening batsman David Warner has announced that the national team’s batting line-up needs to regain some sort of “clarity” ahead of the Ashes series in November.

Warner added that Australia cannot keep experimenting with their batting line-up as it was one of the main reasons why they lost 3-0 to England in August.

“You just want some clarity,” Warner told ESPNcricinfo. “It’s a word that’s been popping up the last 12 months with us in the Australian team, and I think now they’ve found the right combination. I thoroughly enjoyed batting with Chris out there, he’s a quiet guy, he kept me going. If I played a false shot he didn’t come down and say, ‘Don’t play that’. It was more like, ‘Alright mate, next one, wait for the right one’ and we’d feed off each other very well.

“Darren’s the new coach, and he knows how we all play, but under different situations of the game and scenarios it gave him an insight about where you can bat and how well you can bat. So it’s good for him to see what our batsmen can do and our bowlers, and hopefully they’ve got everything set in stone come the first Test.”

Warner was also at the centre of attention prior to the start of the Ashes series in England as he was suspended for punching England batsman Joe Root at the Walkabout bar in Birmingham during the Champions Trophy.

However, he is hoping that the hype dies down in the upcoming series since it proved to be a major distraction for him and the team.

The 26-year-old opener is also wary of the towering pace unit England have chosen for the second leg of the Ashes series.

“Leading into this Ashes series hopefully the hype’s not as big as it was in England, because we know we just lost the key moments,” he said. “We know that over here, we’ll be right on top of those key moments. Hard wickets, home advantage, they’re not going to be as slow as they were over there, and with our bowlers being fresh going into that first Test, I’m pretty sure we’ll be ready to go.

“They’ve got some tall bowlers and some bounce there definitely. They’ll use it to their advantage. We’ve just got to go to our training sessions. For the last 12 months, a lot of us have been training with a guy standing on a big board and getting throw downs. We’ve got some tall fast bowlers as well, which get up around the ears and you’ve got to play it how it is. We’re not scared at all.”

Warner also announced that he resigned with the Sydney Thunder, which came as a surprise to many since the flamboyant opener had quit the Big Bash League (BBL) franchise due to a falling out with general manager John Dyson.

However, he returned upon hearing that Dyson had been replaced by Nick Cummins and that the Thunder had signed former Australia batsman Michael Hussey.

“Obviously there were a bit of personal issues with me and John, nothing to do with the coaching staff,” Warner admitted. “But that’s how it is and now we look forward to this season. I always said I was going to come back to the guys here, so I’m looking forward to the challenge again.

“Led by Huss, the guys who aspire to play at the top level and get that baggy green, he’s one guy who you can just look up to, the way he trains and goes about things, his character’s going to be fantastic for the guys in that team. I know when I was first here guys were rocking up late to training, just doing little hits here and there and not progressing. I know with Huss and his work ethic and experience, he’s going to lead by example.”

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