Team reviews to be topped up after 80 overs

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Teams will now receive two reviews, regardless of how many they have used, after 80 overs in an innings

The International Cricket Council (ICC) have announced that the number of reviews teams have will be topped back up to two after 80 overs of play in a Test match innings.

The ICC added that this new system will be trialled in all Test matches starting from October 1, 2013.

As of right now, teams have two reviews per innings and will have to respect the on-field umpire’s decision when they run out of reviews.

However, under the new system, regardless of the number of reviews they have used up, teams will be granted two reviews after 80 overs.

The other notable decision made by the ICC was to keep using two new balls from each end in an ODI.

But, if the ODI happens to be reduced to 25 overs or less, there will only be one new ball used.

This will also come into effect on October 1, 2013.

The ICC Cricket Committee have also been asked to look into developing a ball that can last the entire 50 overs, while keeping a fair contest between bat and ball as well.

The ICC also noted that a Working Group be established to improve the Decision Review System (DRS) after numerous errors were made in the recent Ashes series.

There was also talk of incorporating the Real-time Snickometer technology into the DRS.

The ICC also agreed to allow umpires to be stricter when over-rates are not met and when teams are found to be wasting time.

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