Tendulkar ‘will not quit the game so soon’, says Ravi Shastri

Image courtesy of: The Telegraph

Shastri hopes to see Tendulkar playing against England at Lord’s next June

With speculation growing over whether legendary India batsman Sachin Tendulkar will retire after completing his 200th Test, his one-time team-mate Ravi Shastri has voiced his opinion on the matter, stating that the ‘Little Master’ “will not quit the game so soon”.

Shastri is hoping Tendulkar finds some form and is able to continue representing India when they tour England in June next year.

“He (Tendulkar) will not quit the game so soon as you all keep saying,” Shastri said. “He [will] continue to play and you will see him at Lord’s next year too.”

Speaking about the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) turbulent negotiations with Cricket South Africa over their tour in December, Shastri feels that there was a lack of “communication” between the two boards.

“The problem was in communication but there will be some cricket played (by India) in South Africa,” he said.

The 51-year-old also noted that the BCCI’s view on the Decision Review System (DRS) is now “vindicated”, especially after the numerous mistakes that were made during the recent Ashes series in England.

“India’s stand on DRS is vindicated,” he said. “Three years ago when I opposed DRS, it was said I had a contract with the BCCI. I stand by even now what I said then.”

Shastri stated that he was not opposed to using technology, but added that it needed to be used “sparingly”.

“You can use technology sparingly like in tennis where there are only three referrals,” he said. “If a player is inconsistent, or an umpire is inconsistent, they are dropped. Why is this not applied to technology?

“Instead of the host cricket board paying for use of technological instruments like the costly Hotspot and Hawk Eye, the ICC should find sponsors to underwrite their use.

“DRS is also against the spirit of the game which teaches the player not to question an umpiring decision. I know what our players think about technology, what works and what doesn’t.”

The former India batsman also went on to speak about how Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the best captains the country has ever produced.

“He is quiet, hungry and a man of steel at all times,” Shastri said. “Even when India were beaten in England and Australia, his body language remained the same. I knew it was only a matter of some change of guard to see the Indian team bounce back again.

“He wanted the Indian ODI side to field well and with some youngsters in, the current side is the best fielding unit. I knew that given the opportunity he can take India places again and that’s what he’s done.”

Shastri finished off by saying that “Indian cricket is in very safe hands”.

“India has won three World Cups in the last thirty years,” he added. “There have been several great players during this time. This is one sport India has excelled [in]. [The] Indian team is always in the top three in all forms over the last ten years. That’s a tribute to the system. Indian cricket is in very safe hands.”

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