Wayne Parnell sidelined due to ‘irregular heartbeat’

Image courtesy of: NDTV

Parnell could be suffering from pericarditis or myocarditis

South Africa pace bowler Wayne Parnell has been indefinitely sidelined after it was revealed that he had an “irregular heartbeat”.

Parnell complained of shortness of breath after bowling two overs during the second Test between India A and South Africa A and was whisked away to the hospital, where he ended up spending two nights, for a series of heart scans.

According to reports, Parnell underwent numerous examinations, including being attached to a 24-hour heart monitor.

However, the doctors have announced that it will take at least seven days to come up with a diagnosis.

“Wayne had some discomfort in the chest and he was found to have had an irregular heartbeat,” Mohammed Moosajee, South Africa’s team manager and medical doctor, told ESPNcricinfo. “At the moment, the tests have found that he has settled down and now it’s just about discovering what’s wrong.”

According to Moosajee, Parnell could be suffering from either pericarditis or myocarditis, both of which are inflammations.

Pericarditis is less serious as it is a swelling of the area around the heart and normally takes two to three weeks to recover from, while myocarditis is much more serious as it is the swelling of the heart muscle itself and could take approximately six weeks to heal.

Moosajee also noted that both pericaditis and myocarditis are a result of a viral infection, most commonly the flu.

Both Moosajee and team physiotherapist Brandon Jackson are not panicking at the moment as they have seen sportsmen develop this type of illness before.

Moosajee stated that he expects Parnell to be up and running when South Africa’s domestic season starts next month and added that it is now only a case of “how much recovery time he will need”.

The illness is yet another setback for Parnell as he has been looking to cement his place in the national team for some time now and he definitely made a case for himself during South Africa’s tour of Sri Lanka two months ago, where he impressed everybody with his death bowling in the Twenty20 series.

The 24-year-old missed most of the 2010-11 season with a groin injury, while he has also succumbed to wrist and leg injuries since then.

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