Salman Butt meets with PCB’s anti-corruption and vigilance officers

Image courtesy of: The Guardian

Butt is intent on reviving his international career

Disgraced Pakistan captain Salman Butt has met with the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) anti-corruption and vigilance officers in an attempt to reduce the five-year ban he received for match-fixing.

“I met with the anti-corruption and vigilance officers of the board and assured them of my full cooperation in any rehabilitation program they want me to attend to get over the spot fixing episode,” Butt said.

Butt was named as the ringleader of the match-fixing scandal in 2010, which included two other Pakistan players, pace bowler Mohammad Asif and 18-year-old Mohammad Amir.

All three players were found guilty of match-fixing during the fourth Test against England at Lord’s in 2010.

Butt was handed a 10-year ban with five years suspended, Asif received a seven-year ban with two years suspended and Amir was slapped with a five-year ban.

The trio also served prison sentences for their crimes.

Butt admitted to taking part in the match-fixing scandal in June and has assured the PCB that he is willing to participate in all their rehabilitation programmes in order to revive his international career.

“I have signed a letter of intent and other documents confirming I am ready to rehabilitate myself and work with the ICC to create awareness about the pitfalls off corruption and fixing,” Butt said. “I am cooperating because it remains my desire to get a chance to play cricket once again in future and also to get my ban reduced.”

Butt added that even if he doesn’t get the chance to play international cricket again, he would still like to play domestic cricket.

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